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Professional Resources

Trans Health Research have collated information, resources, and training modules useful to professionals working in trans health, and professionals looking to make their work more inclusive for trans and gender diverse people. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and additional resources may be available.

A person waving the trans flag outdoors

Including Trans People in Research Guidelines

A vial of Reandron and its packaging

Testosterone Informed Consent Form

A trans man and his colleague looking at a tablet

Professional Associations and Training Resources

A trans man standing outdoors and smiling

Testosterone Patient Information Sheet

Used packets of oestrogen hormone patches

Oestrogen, Anti-Androgen Informed Consent Form

Two queer people looking at a laptop

Trans Research Resources

A non-binary person standing outdoors and smiling

Oestrogen, Anti-Androgen Patient Information Sheet

A stack of printed paper reports and sticky notes

National, International Treatment Guidelines

Badges arranged in a circle, displaying the colours of LGBTQIA flags

Key Definitions

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