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Trans Health Research place a high priority on research accessibility. This includes the translation of research findings into community-accessible research reports and annual reports. These reports contain easy to understand language, infographics, images and community stories. Our blog posts are also highly accessible and cover a range of trans health topics.

The cover of the 2023 annual report, featuring text and a photograph. The photo shows two banners attached to a lamp post, one showing the University of Melbourne logo, the other showing the trans flag.
Trans Health Research Group Annual Report 2023

The Annual Report 2023 provides an overview of our research group’s achievements in 2023.

The cover of the 2022 Trans in the Pandemic report, featuring text and a grid of stock images of trans people, and stock images of healthcare workers.
Trans in the Pandemic Report 2022

The Trans in the Pandemic Report captures experiences of the Australian trans and gender diverse community during the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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