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Our Team
A non-binary person smiling. They have wavy light hair and are wearing glasses

Dr. Sav Zwickl Researcher MSexol PhD Sav has a Masters degree in Sexology and a PhD in Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies. They are one of the lead investigators of TRANSform; an Australian Longitudinal Gender Health Study. Passionate about supporting and connecting trans researchers, Sav is the convener of the Emerging Trans Researchers Conference. Sav is also an engaging communicator, speaking with media to share their research and also delivering gender education.

Lachlan smiling while wearing a grey suit and tie

Dr. Lachlan Angus PhD Candidate and Endocrinologist MBBS FRACP Dr. Lachlan Angus is an endocrinologist and PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. Lachie moved from Adelaide to Melbourne in 2020 to work with the Trans Health Research team. He is currently running a clinical trial investigating the effects of anti-androgen medications on feminisation in people starting hormone therapy. He also works at Austin Health, Northern Health, and in private practice.

Ariel smiling. She has long red hair and is wearing makeup

Ariel Ginger Researcher Dip Health Sciences Ariel is a biomedical student and data buff, working on a project examining body composition changes with hormone therapy. She also works with our graphic designer, translating scientific jargon to be more accessible.

Shalem wearing a collared shirt under a jumper

Dr. Shalem Leemaqz Statistician MAppStats PhD Shalem is our dedicated statistician, based at Flinders University, South Australia.

Tomi with curly brown hair, glasses, and wearing a striped shirt

Tomi Ruggles Research Assistant Bsc Nursing(Hons) Tomi is a Registered Nurse and proud queer Australian, who is currently completing a MA in Social Work. Tomi is passionate about supporting the trans community and has contributed her time and experience previously as a volunteer. She also works for an NFP organisation that provides aged care services to elderly Australians who are at risk of, or are homeless.

A smiling woman with a shoulder-length haircut

A/Prof Ada Cheung Lead, Trans Health Research MBBS(Hons) FRACP PhD DipBus(Gov) Ada is an Endocrinologist at Austin Health and a NHMRC & Dame Kate Campbell Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne. Driven by community need and working with the trans community, she established the Trans Health Research group and is an unwavering ally. She has won a number of national and international awards for research excellence and outstanding community leadership, and is committed to training MD & PhD students and trans researchers.

Ingrid smiling. She has long ginger hair

Dr. Ingrid Bretherton Researcher and Endocrinologist MBBS FRACP PhD Ingrid is an endocrinologist and recently obtained her PhD studying the impact of gender-affirming hormone therapy on bone microarchitecture. Joining Trans Health Research group in 2017, she has been instrumental in growing research in trans health. Ingrid is also a clinician at Austin Gender Clinic, Western Health and in private practice. She is passionate about health professional education in trans health, publishing additional research in this area.

Kylie smiling. She has short hair and is wearing a dark top

Kylie King Research Nurse RN Kylie is a study coordinator for our clinical research studies and exudes warmth towards everyone she meets. She manages most clinical research visits at Austin Health and is passionate about improving trans health and well-being.

A non-binary person with short hair, a beard, and pierced ears

Dr Julian Grace Research Assistant BHSc/BAppSc (Osteopathy) Julian is a non-binary researcher, allied health clinician, advocate, and educator with a wealth of experience across the national trans health sector. They're passionate about uplifting health workers with trans lived experience, and building the evidence base for depathologised approaches to gender-affirming care across disciplines.

Alex smiling while wearing a white collared shirt and glasses

Dr. Alex Wong Researcher B-BMED, MD Alex wears multiple hats as a Medical Doctor, researcher, speaker, and a proud LGBT+ community member. He is passionate about improving trans health and engaging with community. Alex is one of the lead investigators of TRANSform; an Australian Longitudinal Gender Health Study. Originally from Singapore, he has chosen Melbourne to be his home.

Brendan smiling. He is wearing glasses and a dark top

Dr. Brendan Nolan PhD Candidate and Endocrinologist MBBS FRACP Brendan is an endocrinologist and PhD student and is originally from Brisbane. Always full of research ideas to better the health of the community, he is working on several projects to understand the safety of gender-affirming hormone therapy.

A woman smiling, wearing a scarf and earrings

Clare Headland Speaker and educator B App Sc (Chiropractic) Clare is a trans woman, passionate speaker, and suicide prevention activist. Clare was a past employee at Austin Health where she transitioned, and was an International Woman's Day awardee. She is now dedicating her efforts to advocate for acceptance and understanding of trans people.

Toan smiling while wearing a blue suit and tie

Dr. Toan Tang PhD Candidate and Doctor BMedSci, MD, MPHTM Toan is a doctor and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. His work focuses on the effect of gender-affirming hormone therapy on scalp hair with the goal of minimising androgenic alopecia.

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