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Community Resources

This page provides information for trans and gender diverse people and the people in their lives. These lists are not exhaustive. QLife and Ask Izzy are excellent avenues for finding services and resources specific to your personal circumstances and location. Clinicians can find additional information on the Professional Resources page.

A trans woman talking on the phone

Mental Health and Peer Support

A vial of Reandron testosterone

Trans Health Care

A non-binary construction worker wearing a high-vis vest

Employment and Study

Four Sistergirls

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

A non-binary teenager with their mother

Participating in Research

A non-binary person and a transfeminine person sitting together in a club

Alcohol, Drugs, Sexual Health, and Relationships

A non-binary teenager taking a selfie with their father and a group of trans adults

Support for Families and Carers

A trans woman, her girlfriend, and a consultant

Legal Resources

Badges arranged in a circle, displaying the colours of LGBTQI flags

Key Definitions

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