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Mental Health and Peer Support

This page contains information about trans-specific mental health and peer support services and resources, as well as general national mental health services.

A trans woman
A trans woman, photographed by Annie on Adobe Stock.

Key LGBTIQ+ and Trans-Specific Services and Resources

National or Multi State

QLife. Anonymous LGBTIQ+ peer support and referral via hotline or webchat, 3pm – midnight, every day.

DISCHARGED. Peer support groups for trans people with personal experience of suicidal thoughts or feelings, online nationally, or in-person in WA.

Charlee. A suicide prevention hub for LGBTIQA+ people who have thought about suicide, lived through suicide attempts, supported others in distress and live with the pain of loss through suicide.

Trans Vitality Toolkit. A resilience-building resource that focuses on trans people supporting trans people, and centres self-determination, autonomy, and agency.

Here. A digital suicide prevention hub for LGBTQ+ community and their loved ones.

Trans Pride Australia. Facebook group and online peer support groups.

Australian Nonbinary Community. Facebook group for non-binary people.

Minus18. Host social events for LGBTQA+ young people across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and online, as well as workplace training, school workshops and online resources.

Thorne Harbour Health. Provide health and wellbeing services to LGBTQA+ people in VIC and SA, including trans peer support groups.

Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council. Provide a service directory of multicultural and multifaith LGBTQA+ services and supports across Australia.

Australian Capital Territory  (ACT)

A Gender Agenda. Work with, and on behalf of, intersex, trans and gender diverse people, their friends, families and allies in Canberra and the surrounding region.

Diversity ACT. Run social groups and provide support services to LGBTQA+ people in the ACT region.

Meridian. Provide health and wellbeing services to LGBTQA+ people in the ACT, as well as facilitate inclusivity training for service providers, and provide a digital resource library on their website.

New South Wales (NSW)

ACON. Resources and services for LGBTQA+ people living in NSW.

Twenty10. Youth and all age support programs for LGBTIQA+ people living in NSW.

Gender Centre. Multidisciplinary centre providing a range of services for trans and gender diverse people.

Northern Territory (NT)

Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC). NTAHC runs the LGBTI Living Well Program which provides information, training, and resource program for LGBTQI people and allies in the NT. NTAHC also run sexual health clinics, from down in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) up to Nhulunbuy, and many places in between.

Queensland (QLD)

Open Doors Youth Service. Support for LGBTIQAP+ youth and their families in QLD, including social groups and individual support.

Queensland Transgender Network. Facebook group providing information and referral for trans and gender diverse people in QLD.

Australian Transgender Support Association of Queensland. ATSAQ is an organisation of peers and allies, providing psychosocial support to people who identify as transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse; their families, friends, allies, and professionals.

Queensland Council for LGBTI Health. LGBTIQA+ events, social support, and sexual health information.

South Australia (SA)

Trans Health SA. Information for the trans and gender diverse people, including details of trans-specific support groups in SA. This includes a directory of trans inclusive health practitioners.

SHINE SA. LGBTIQA+ inclusive sexual health clinical services, and run Gender Connect Country SA for trans and gender diverse people living in regional and remote SA.

SA Rainbow Advocacy Alliance. Community volunteers with lived experience advocating for policy change to improve LGBTQIA+ health, safety and inclusion, and connecting communities in SA.

Tasmania (TAS)

Working It Out. Trans-focused support, education and advocacy in TAS.

Transgender Tasmania North West Community. A Facebook social group for trans and gender diverse people and their allies located in and around the Burnie area.

Victoria (VIC)

Switchboard. Peer support services to LGBTQA+ people, their families, allies, and communities, as well as suicide prevention training and digital resources. This includes Rainbow Door, Out and About (peer connection for older LGBTIQA+ people), and other programs.

QueerSpace. Counselling, case management, advocacy, peer support groups in VIC, as part of Drummond Street Services.

Transgender Victoria (TGV). Advocacy, events, workshops, peer navigation in VIC. TGV also have an in-person drop-in space called Affirmation Station.

Zoe Belle Gender Collective. Facilitate support and training for service providers regarding LGBTQA+ identities and provide digital resources on their website.

The Shed. Melbourne based Facebook group with regular in-person events for transmasculine people.

Victorian Inclusive Practitioners List. A list of therapists and health practitioners in VIC who have expertise, training, and/or lived experience in various marginalised social groups. This includes LGBTQIA+, neurodiversity, sex work, kink and BDSM, non-monogamy, immigrant and/or asylum seeker, disability, specific ethnicity and/or religion, and other elements of identity or practice.

Western Australia (WA)

Transfolk of WA. Advocacy, online and in-person support groups, and WA-specific resources. This includes a directory of trans-friendly services and doctors.

Freedom Centre. Drop-in and online sessions and workshops for LGBTIQA+ young people under 26, as well as parent support groups.

Living Proud. Peer-support and information to LGBTIQ+ people and communities in WA, with digital resources on their website.

Perth Inner City Youth Services (PICYS). Social support and drop-in programs for LGBTQA+ young people in Perth, with digital resources on their website.

Youth Pride Network. Peer-led and run LGBTIQA+ advocacy body for young people in WA who host community events, as well as provide digital resources on key community issues on their website.

A trans couple
A trans couple, photographed by Freepik.

National General Mental Health and Crisis Services

Lifeline. 24/7 phone and webchat crisis support.

13 YARN. 24/7 phone and webchat crisis support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Additional services and resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples can be found here.

Beyond Blue. 24/7 phone and webchat for people experiencing mental health distress.

Suicide Call Back Service. 24/7 phone and webchat for people at risk of suicide, concerned about someone at risk or bereaved by suicide.

Kids Helpline. 24/7 phone and webchat support, as well as resources for children, teens, and young adults.

headspace. Mental health support for young people via over 150 locations in Australia, phone, or webchat.

MensLine. 24/7 phone and webchat support for men with concerns about mental health, anger, family violence, substance use, and stress.

Black Dog Institute. Mental health and suicide prevention resources.

1800 RESPECT. 24/7 phone and webchat support for people impacted by domestic, family, or sexual violence.


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