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Yes, Trans People Are Still Being Refused Health Care in Australia

New research shows over half of trans Australians have experienced discrimination in a health care setting.

Non-Binary People and Gender-Affirming Hormones and Surgeries

Non-binary people in Australia commonly pursue gender-affirming hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgery.

Why Are Trans People at Higher Risk of Long COVID?

Research indicates trans people are at higher risk of Long COVID. Why might this be and how can trans people better protect themselves?

Do Higher Oestradiol Levels Result in Better Mental Health and Wellbeing?

What are the associations between oestradiol levels, psychological distress, wellbeing and risk of certain health conditions?

Oestradiol Implants in Australia

What are oestradiol implants?

What has TRANSform Achieved in its First Three Years?

TRANSform: An Australian longitudinal gender health study is an ongoing research project.

Genital Changes, Periods, and Pelvic Pain in People Using Testosterone

What effects does testosterone have on the genitalia, uterus, and ovaries?


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