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TRANSform Study


An elderly non-binary person wearing a dress and a wig.
A non-binary teenager standing with their mother, who is wearing an ally flag shirt.
A trans man sitting outdoors, smiling. He is wearing a flannel shirt.

Image credits: 71 year-old non-binary person photographed by vandervelden on iStock. Non-binary teenager with their mother, photographed by Martine Doucet on iStock. Trans man photographed by Annie on Adobe Stock.

TRANSform is an ongoing research project designed to investigate the health and wellbeing experiences of the Australian trans and gender diverse community. To learn more about the current direction of TRANSform, view the 2024 Trans Mental Health webinar here.


Participants first complete the enrolment survey, where they provide their email address which is then used to keep in touch with them for two key purposes: 

  1. Invitations to participate in TRANSform sub-studies. Each year TRANSform involves 2-3 sub-studies on priority research topics, and participants may be invited to participate in these via email. All these sub-surveys are voluntary – if people do not want to participate, they can just ignore the email. 

  2. TRANSform research updates. Each year participants are also sent 2-3 research update emails to keep them informed of the progress of the research including any publications and media coverage. This allows participants to see the outcomes of the time and energy they give to the project.


More detailed information about the TRANSform design and impact can be found in this blog post


Participants can opt out of TRANSform at any time, no questions asked.


We are recruiting individuals aged 16 years and above who have a gender that is different from what was presumed for them at birth, including trans men, trans women, non-binary people, and people with a cultural gender identity, such as Sistergirls and Brotherboys. 

All participants will go into a draw to win one of 50 x $100 Giftpay vouchers each year, that can be redeemed at a variety of stores and services.



The purpose of TRANSform is to provide robust, accurate, relevant, and current information about the Australian trans and gender-diverse community. We work to share TRANSform research widely, with the aim to have a real-world impact and improve the lives of trans and gender-diverse people. This involves peer-reviewed publications, media engagement, and presentations at national and international training sessions, seminars, and conferences to a broad range of audiences including healthcare professionals and government representatives.


As a trans-led project, TRANSform also raises the profile of community-led research and provides opportunities for trans researchers.


We invite collaborating researchers who may seek to analyse existing data or to perform a new sub-study/survey as part of TRANSform to express interest via the Collaborate link. Expression of interest forms will be initially submitted to Sav Zwickl then reviewed by the investigative team to assess scientific validity and appropriateness of data use. All projects must directly contribute to improving the health or well-being of the community or contribute to the education or training of a trans researcher. Investigators will provide written feedback and subsequent ethical approval will need to be obtained.

Join study now or collaborate with us.


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