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Education and Advocacy

End of 2023 Review

In 2023, Trans Health Research have continued our work in world-leading trans health research, education, and advocacy.

Trans Health Research at the 2023 AusPATH Conference

Trans Health Research discussed non-binary affirmation, gender euphoria, and hormones at the 2023 AusPATH Conference.

From Melbourne to Chicago: Sharing Our World-First Clinical Research at ENDO 2023

Trans Health Research presented findings at ENDO 2023.

Spotlighting Trans Suicidality at the National Suicide Prevention Conference 2023

"One of the biggest opportunities the trans community have ever had to talk to an audience of service providers and decision-makers."

What has TRANSform Achieved in its First Three Years?

TRANSform: An Australian longitudinal gender health study is an ongoing research project.

End of 2022 Review

2022 has been a year of challenges but also opportunity and hope. We have experienced a climate of intense, harmful political 'debate',...

Dispelling the Myths About Trans People

An article debunking common, and incorrect, assumptions about trans people. Science and calm, open-hearted logic is the way forward.


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