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GAME Study


GAME Study researchers Kylie and Patrice seated at a table.
A research participant cycling indoors, on a stationary bike, while wearing an oxygen mask.
A trans man standing indoors, catching his breath after exercising.

Image credits: GAME Study researchers photographed by Trans Health Research. GAME Study research participant photographed by Trans Health Research. Trans man photographed by Yuya Parker on Adobe Stock.

This world-first study is following people over the first 12 months of gender-affirming hormones to monitor muscle strength, fitness, and power. It is based at the specialised elite sports facility at Victoria University in Footscray. Monitoring includes exercise testing, blood and muscle sample collections, and body composition scans over 1 year. It is estimated that participants will have to attend 6-9 sessions. You can read more about this study here.





The GAME Study is currently recruiting. The first step is that we need your consent. The Participant Information and Consent Forms for trans people starting gender-affirming hormone therapy and for people joining the comparator group (cisgender people and trans people not using hormones) are available for download.


For more information or to participate, email Kylie King at or call 045166 1295.


For much more in-depth information about The GAME Study, the Research Protocol is publicly available.





This world-first study aims to uncover the effects of GAHT on skeletal muscle health, fitness, and performance.



Benefits for Participants


This study involves a significant commitment from participants. While it might not suit everyone, those people who decide to participate will have a unique opportunity to measure some of the ways in which their body is changing in the first year of GAHT. The study staff will talk through fitness and body composition results if the participant is interested, and they can take home a copy of their results. Equally, results don’t have to be shared with participants if they prefer.


This is also a world-first study, so participants will be contributing to research that is likely to have a significant impact on a global scale.


Participants also receive a $200 visa gift card if taking part in all three days, or $150 if taking part in day 1 and day 2 (fitness test only). Meals are also provided before some study visits.


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